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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Wind Power Really Beautiful

by Keith Duly, AIA, APP-LED, HBO, MSCLD, PCP

The Nazi flag is superior to the American flag aesthetically. Judgement, however, is subconsciously shaped by intellectual associations to turn it the other way round.

Similarly, with wind turbine towers, which are aesthetically beautiful, misinformation and fear have filtered into the subconscience to make people think they are ugly. They are wrong and should not be allowed to persuade others to their opinion. Although I don't live near any proposed site, I am right and it is my duty to persuade others to my opinion. They use manipulative language to subconsciously bias the public. I don't.

Wind facilities represent joy. Opponents must think everything man-made is ugly and inappropriate. People killing and getting killed for control of fossil fuel is ugly. Coal mining and burning and oil spills are ugly. Opponents of wind plants must think they are beautiful.

My pure aesthetic judgement is in joyful harmony with the true consciousness that wind towers are a bright symbol of hope and many other words chosen to characterize myself as a sane smart mature moral sophisticated nature-lover in contrast to my opponents, who must be crazy dumb infantile evil backward pollution-lovers.

In summary, if Hitler was able to make the Germans feel good about the Nazi flag to replace the one that represented their ineffectual democracy, inspiring architects like Albert Speer to design grand testaments to the state's power, then this Vermont architect must make the same effort for industrial windmills.

-- Keith Duly, of Western, Vermont, is a member of the American Institute of Archetypes (AIA) and founder of Fair Thee Wind Vermont, which opposes opposition to industrial wind plants. This article is adapted from one by a different author in the April 2004 newsletter of AIA Vermont (720-KB PDF available).