It’s War !

News of the redirection of impotent fury.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day 2004

Remembering those who have given their lives to making the world safe for outsourcing . . .

Friday, May 28, 2004

Kerry Reluctant To Accept Nomination at Democratic Convention

He's holding out for the Republican nomination.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Vt. Rep. Sanders Postpones Campaign Launch

Vermont's lone congressional representative, sometime socialist Bernard Sanders, postponed the Burlington launch of his re-election campaign Wednesday.

According to Sanders' office, it would be disrespectful in the wake of 2 Vermont National Guard members being killed and 6 injured -- 3 seriously -- yesterday in Iraq.

"Bernie does not feel it would be appropriate at this time to face possible questions about his support for John Kerry's pro-war candidacy."

Wal-Mart To Develop "Windfarms"

Faced with a saturated market and growing opposition to its ever-larger stores, the Wal-Mart company has set up a new energy division.

"We are always on the lookout for new ways to sustain growth and continue to provide good value to our millions of investors," said Varla Walton, speaking from Cannes last week. Miss Walton has been tapped to head the new division, which is already picking sites for large wind-turbine facilities.

Analysts are positive, citing the company's unrivalled experience in procuring tax breaks and regulatory favors and in neutralizing often well organized and vocal opposition. Wal-Mart shares rose 13 1/4 within hours after the announcement.

Environmentalists also praise the move. "Large-scale wind-powered electricity generation is crucial to maintaining our viability as a thriving organization," said Greenpiece Executive Director of Communications, Public Relations, and Member Services Bill McGivven. "It does mean mowing down the wild mountaintops that are often the best sites for the large turbines, or turning rural retreats into throbbing flashing power plants, but the symbolism is by far worth the sacrifice of a few small communities," he added.

Many "green" organizations are reportedly negotiating partnership or endorsement arrangements with Wal-Mart to help the company's efforts in whatever way they can.