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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New service doubles your gas mileage

A Vermont entrepreneur has figured out a way to turn the state's mountainous terrain from a gas-mileage detriment into an asset.

Martin Bradford of Essex offers a service to commuters that could double their gas mileage.

A former truck driver, Bradford got his idea last year while driving a load of new cars to a South Burlington dealer: Why not carry commuters in the same way?

"Almost every drive in Vermont is significantly uphill or downhill on balance," Bradford told us in a recent telephone interview. "Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow drive only in the downhill direction?"

In short, commuters who use Bradford's service determine which direction is mostly uphill, and for less than they would have paid for the gas to drive it themselves, Bradford carries them and their cars in a customized trailer.

"The result has been impressive," gushed Phil McBigger, who drives home to Charlotte from work but rides in Bradford's trailer for the morning commute to Montpelier. "My gas mileage has literally doubled! It's a win-win: We still have our freedom, but we can also do so much at the same time to help save the planet."