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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Statehood quest at U.N.

Binjamin Netanyahu was in New York this week, meeting with European and U.S. officials before his speech to the United Nations General Assembly Friday.

After boasting of having a signet ring with his name on it, Netanyahu announced that he had formally submitted a request to the U.N. to recognize Israel as a "militant Jewish" state that is only 7 miles wide.

Then, he promised, Israel would fully and openly recognize Palestine as a "militant Islamic" state that can not be allowed to exist on Israel's borders.

"Israel is only 7 miles across," Mr Netanyahu kvetched, adding that many Jews were killed in Europe in the last century, culminating centuries of scapegoating and persecution. "So someone please tell me, how can the Jew be the bad guy?" he challenged the audience.

Palestinian Christians and Israeli Muslims were subdued in their responses to his offer.

An Israeli Defense Forces spokeswoman would not reveal where they are being held, but assured reporters that the IDF has provided them a candle in the darkness.